We are Gen Yoga.

Join our family and become agents of change in your life and in the world. Listening authentically reigns at the top of our core values. If we are successful, what you see in our studio will be a response to what we learn about you.
Our journey has just begun and we need you to shape our evolution while we invite you to live your own.

Allow silence and space to listen first. Canned responses be gone.


Live simply. Seek self-discovery. Shed excess. Evolve willingly.


Together, we grow faster and better than we do alone.

our story

We opened our doors for one simple reason, to invite others into the global community of practitioners who have benefited from this 5000-year old science as much as our family does. With continued validations of its positive impact on the mind, central nervous, and immune systems, the 36 million practitioners in the US today are just the beginning. Our humble ambition is to become another local family within that bigger community, inviting others to experience these and many other benefits. We measure our success simply, how many more people can we invite to feel at home in their own lives? The further each of us moves from our constant sense of “fight or flight”, the closer we can move towards a sense of abundance and gratitude. By opening our doors, we believe that we can grow together in ways that would take multiple generations individually.

Owners Charlie & April Sanchez


​Evolve your mind, body and spirit at Gen Yoga. Live your truth to inspire others to awaken to their most authentic selves.

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