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June 17, 2019

Dearest Gen Family,


We wanted to wish each of you, our lovely Gen brothers and sisters, the happiest start to your 2019 summer!


Changes in season are such compelling moments of reflection.  They can come filled with joy, celebration and fulfillment.  They can also come bearing sadness, longing and disappointment. In either case, when the pivot happens, we can’t seem to help our nature of pensive absorption.  Our instinct takes over and facilitates the safekeeping of those long-term memories as we replay and reflect on the contours of a season completed.


We find ourselves in this place in our studio, consumed in reflection by all that has happened since we opened our doors while simultaneously present in the now and full of abundance in preparation for the next chapter. With the literal change in season to summer, we have reached our 1.5 year mark.  This milestone almost feels impossible to me, but indeed all the markers that I use to measure time – my kids growing, my hair greying, and my vegetable garden turning – have signaled a new chapter.


April and I sat together recently and reflected for the umpteenth time on the community that has formed around Gen.  It warms our hearts every time. More importantly, it restores our faith in the world to see so many beautiful souls dedicated to accelerating the healing of the things that ail us individually and across our collective culture.  Take solace in knowing that you have become a part of this humble, yet impactful revolution.


During our reflection, April and I took stock of why we started Gen in the first place.  As you might imagine, we considered that we could have spent the time and resources doing any of our varied passions including traveling more, spending more time outdoors, lavishing our children with more love (not sure they can handle anymore), or just adding to our material distractions to entertain ourselves.  We went in eyes wide open, as it were, knowing that being a small business owner is immensely hard work and candidly, that yoga wasn’t going to make it easy to quickly thrive.  Still, we threw caution to the wind and decided our lives would not be complete if we didn’t strive to be an active part of “Generation Yoga”!


Yoga has given us so much.  It has steadied our minds, ignited our hearts, made us comfortable in our skin and allowed us to be exactly who we are and to accept others as they come.  We hope it has done the same for you.  These simple things are somehow hard to come by these days, and yet, when we’re at our most dire moments – yoga always seems to do the trick in returning us to that special bond with life that makes everything feel purposeful.  I call it returning home.  If you have had glimpses of bringing that innate harmony back into your life, we are honored to have served you in this capacity.


As the season changes, we are looking to refresh our outlook and we are requesting that you come along with us.  You may have already noticed we are doing a lot to update our approach as we fulfill our commitment to listen and respond to your needs.  We are going through and reflecting closely on both the small and large things that we could refine to become the best possible studio for our Gen Family.  You will notice us splashing new paint on the walls, adding refreshing beverages, installing a more potent heater and updating our programming.  Very soon you’ll see classes for athletes (focused on performance enhancement), new programming dedicated to men (Gen is proud to have a plethora of some of the best male teachers) and continued edits to our existing classes (shortening times for those with limited availability).


In return, we do have an “ask” of you.  In our mental story, we have decided that our next chapter will be one that allows us to thrive as small business owners – not for our own personal gain but simply to be able to avoid the tough choices that often face small businesses when they can’t make ends meet.  We aren’t nearing that place, but we want to avoid it all together and your generous support is pivotal.  If we can begin to thrive, our ultimate goal is to make it possible for our teachers and managers to support themselves confidently.


How can you help?  It’s simple.  We need more people to sign up for our full priced monthly memberships.  We fully appreciate that many of you have taken advantage of our generous discounts historically.  We’re glad we could provide them and frankly, we fully understand the want for them.  Today, my hope is that we have earned the right to request that you open your abundance to us by demonstrating your commitment to our success in return for the uplift we have provided in your lives.  It’s not lost on us that there are many financial demands pulling on every single one of you, so we make our request humbly and hope that your willingness to step up is because you truly receive something immeasurable and you honor our commitment to generously giving our time and resources in order to help our community.


Join us for the start of our new chapter as we fulfill your priorities while continuing to focus on our core values of listening authentically and growing together!  The best is yet to come. 


Love and light,


Charlie, April, Aidan (11), Helena (5) and Addie (3)

Gen Yoga Founding Family


Holland, Karina and Cheryl

Gen Yoga Managers


And the rest of your Gen Yoga family

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