Jeff is back!

April 3, 2019

We've got some super cool news we think you'll be interested in —

Yin Yoga with Jeff is back! He'll be teaching Yin here at Gen in a limited series on Saturday nights at 7pm April 27 — June 1.

Isn't that so fun and exciting?! Yes?? We thought you'd think so. 😉

How much does it cost? If you're a monthly member, this series is FREE for you!! If you're not a monthly member and you want this class to be free, become a member! You'll get perks like this free Yin yoga series, as well as other workshop discounts. If you don't want to be a monthly member, it's $15/class 🙂

Click below to book your spots in the series:

As a reminder, here's what YIN is all about —


Long holds are the hallmark of Yin Yoga, which is slow, meditative, and often mentally challenging. Practitioners hold asanas (postures) for two to five minutes. This moderately stresses tendons, fascia, and ligaments in order to increase joint circulation and improve flexibility.

Yin Yoga allows for the possibility of staying with something, even if we don’t like it. Yin Yoga helps us remember: good things are coming.

Okay cool. Don't forget to invite your friends, okay? You can pick up a referral card at the studio that you can give to your friend. When they bring in the card, you'll get $5 on your account!

Let me know if you have any questions about Yin Yoga, or this limited Yin series with Jeff.

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