"It has positively impacted every aspect of our lives"

★★★★★ My wife and I absolutely love this place. Since starting to practice yoga here about two months ago (we’ve been going two to three times a week), it has has positively impacted every aspect of our lives. Not only are the classes very helpful for treating stress, increasing a sense of awareness and presence, and providing a physical challenge, but the teachers and staff are nice, respectful, and professional. Great yoga family here!

—Alexander P. Garza, Google

"The best yoga studio I have experienced"

★★★★★ A wonderful modern yoga studio with great choices for all family members and all ages, from restorative yoga to higher intensity yoga! The yoga instructors do hands on 1-1 coaching and facilitate with qi flow "warm hands to ease flow of energy" to ease into the yoga postures with breathing techniques. They offer a great variety of sessions to practice yoga, to learn the yoga knowledge, and to renew minds and spirit. Super friendly managers with modernized support to help facilitate the registration and sign in. The best yoga studio I have experienced visiting many studios over the years!

—P, Google

"Friendly instructors and clean rooms"

★★★★★ Friendly instructors and clean rooms with a variety of classes for beginners to expert. I lean on the ‘barely intermediate’ side and instructors are helpful with modifications. No shame in that! I supplement Bikram Yoga with the yoga at GenYoga & enjoy both practices.

—Alisa Brady, Google

"Had a great experience"

★★★★★ Had a great experience at Kate’s aerial yoga class tonight! Loved the small-class setting, instruction, and beautiful studio. Looking forward to attending more classes here. Thank you, Kate and Sean!

—Riki Graves, Google

"It was amazing!"

★★★★★ Yesterday was my first yoga class. It was amazing! The atmosphere, education, and connection. It was an intimate setting.

Lauren is great and her energy truly reflects her love for yoga. Cant wait to see her Saturday =)

—Julie Paz, Google

"Incredibly hospitable"

★★★★★ I loved my experience at Gen! From the moment i walked into the door, the lovely scent and cozy atmosphere appealed to me greatly. Holland was incredibly hospitable and made me feel very at home in this really nice studio. Everything is very articulately designed and definitely feels like something you want to keep looking at to take it all in. The actual yoga studio room was not too big, the class was very intimate and private (taught by Kim), and she took great attention and care to our levels and alignments. Overall, i really loved Gen yoga and will keep coming!

—Cindy M, Google

"Best restorative yoga ever, y'all"

★★★★★ OMG they FINALLY opened a yoga studio around the corner from my home, YES! Gen Yoga is a family owned and operated business. The vibe of the studio is open air and clean aesthetic , which I prefer. They have a packed schedule and variety of classes for adults and children. Here are some of the classes I've tried:

Vinyasa: the type of Vinyasa flow class varies a bit by instructor. I'm a beginner and was able to flow great in all the classes I've tried. All the yoga instructors are good about offering corrections which I appreciate.

Children1-2: Obvi my daughter did this one. She's 15 months with no attention span but the teacher was sweet with her and she was happy, occupied and took a long nap after-winning.

Yin: I've gone to multiple yin classes. It's where you hold the same stretch for extended periods of time great for calming my mind. The instructors do gently push you while you are stretching which is helpful to me as I'm wound tight.

Restorative: Best restorative yoga, ever Y'all. The moon was shining in the room, music was playing, essential oils were in the air. Done.

—Renee Linares Chin, Google

"this place has honestly saved my life"

I’ve been going to Gen Yoga for a little less than 2 months. I’m not trying to be a drama queen, but this place has honestly saved my life. My anxiety and depression was at an all-time low before coming here. I was extremely concerned about myself and I couldn’t see a way out of my sadness, but I knew I had to try, I had to do something to help quiet the chaos in my head, so I went to my first restorative class at Gen. I was moved to tears. Literally. I broke down. This is what I have needed for so long and I just never knew it. Jess and Mahani and all of the instructors are nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend this yoga studio. Xoxoxoxo

—Kristi, Facebook

"So happy we found you"

★★★★★ We love Gen Yoga!! Everyone that works there is super friendly. We love the energy and all the events they organize. I sure hope I could go to more of those. This is an amazing place doing amazing things for our community. We Love Gen Yoga!!! So happy we found you.

—Karla, Facebook

I strongly recommend Gen Yoga

I joined Gen Yoga in July 2018 and have been going there about 2-3 times a week. I really like the Yoga classes. The teachers are very good. The whole atmosphere is very professional and cordial. I strongly recommend Gen Yoga.

—Ashutosh, Facebook

Gen is the most amazing place! I love how the teachers, staff, and owners are all welcoming and sincerely make an effort to make you feel like you belong there. I’ve never enjoyed yoga as much as I have at Gen.

—Laura, Facebook

★★★★★ It’s a family friendly studio! Perfect for parents with small kids because they have childcare during the classes.

—Carol, Facebook

★★★★★ Really great studio! Holland was very welcoming and Lauren lead a great class! Highly recommend!

—Kathleen, Facebook

★★★★★ We love Gen Yoga!! This community of people is so special and all the classes are amazing!

—Catherine, Facebook

This is a wonderful studio that will help you combine mind body and spirit for a holistic (wholistic) approach. Something for everyone here.

—Sharyn, Facebook

Hands down the best vibe and studio in SL! Not to mention awesome teachers with tons of experience!

—Jignasa, Facebook

★★★★★ A great place to practice. Challenging classes and friendly teachers. Enjoyed the flows.

—Sharonda, Facebook

★★★★★ This is a great place where you can meet a lot of great yoga teachers and enjoy great practices.

—Mary, Facebook

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