The Future of Gen yoga

June 24, 2020

A note from the owners

Happy Day Yogis and Yoginis!

Over the past three years, we have all been part of something truly amazing. Our motivation for humbly inviting together the community was very simple - we wanted to blossom as individuals, as a family and as a part of a group of kindred seekers. The truth is, although we had high hopes, the richness of our time together has far surpassed anything we could have fathomed. Our simple mantra — "Grow Together" — guided us through so many different chapters of those 3 years and I hope it will continue to be our guide as we take the next steps in our journey. Through all of it, the limitless sense of abundance that we built together has kept us thriving!

Today is no different and yet the time for a new chapter has come. We are, for the time being, deciding to close our store front in favor of a new model. Based on the conditions of the world, this is both something we feel is the right choice for the well being of our community and, to be completely transparent, the financial well being of the business and our family. Could we reopen a physical location again sometime in the future? Time will tell, but for now, we want to invite you to join us in embracing the new norm by trying out some new approaches to bringing healing into our community.

Taking stock of the current situation, we realized a few things. First, we all need yoga and our community more than ever! Second, affording classes may not be as easy for some as it was. Third, the health risks are very real and should be respected. As a result of these things, we did some math and decided that becoming a virtual/nomadic studio is worth a try! What does this mean?

First, we will significantly lower our pricing and hopefully extend our healing arms.

Second, we will start hosting events that make it easy to get the human contact we all need while practicing social distancing, e.g. lots of outdoor yoga, more yoga at fun locations (wineries and vineyards), and retreats (always part of the plan!).

Finally, we will continue to offer virtual classes for those who can join us live or for those who enjoy our recordings after the fact.

Through these three years, our entire Gen team has been resolute in its commitment to each of you in ways that are impossible to quantify. This pouring of abundance deserves a huge thank you, so I hope you will join me in pausing to acknowledge all that they've given. To those of you that have remained devoted monthly subscribers, we cannot offer enough gratitude as it has made it possible, in some small way, to support our amazing teachers and managers.

What comes next? We will send an update to our schedule, including a sharing of the new outdoor class plan, so be on the lookout for that later this week. We will also refresh our pricing and hope that those of you who are not members right now will consider rejoining us again. We will also send a personal message to our current members to discuss next steps.

Thanks again for being you. Nothing is possible in the world without the truth of your existence. Together we paint the masterpiece of life. #GrowTogetherAgain

Gen Founders,

Charlie and April

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