Yoga for Athletes

Does yoga seem too easy?

Can yoga benefit your marathon, triathlon, or endurance ride training regimen?

Will yoga improve your competitive performance and lower your P.R.?

Yoga is for athletes.

Let Gen Yoga help you find the right class to elevate your performance.

Here's what yoga can do for you...



Challenge yourself physically and mentally while cross training

≫ Strengthen your core, develop great form, and put less stress on your joints

≫ Improve muscle balance and correct imbalances

Reduce your risk for injury


Hot Pilates

Power Flow

Gen Strength




≫ Move mindfully with mental clarity in order to improve your focus

≫ Stabilize your joints and increase your range of motion

Reduce aches, pains, and fatigue

≫ Improve body awareness and challenge your body to move in new ways

Recover from injury and rehabilitate your body


Vinyasa [1-2]

Slow Flow

Gentle Flow





≫ Manage your energy, recover your mind, and give your nervous system a reboot

≫ Strengthen your joints and connective tissues and promote tissue recovery

≫ Reduce the risk of injury and promote balance between intensity & recovery

Recover from injury and rehabilitate your body




Urban Zen



Tam Vo — Gen Yoga athlete

Meet Tam

Tam is an active dad. Not only does he love playing with his kids, but he also includes boot camp, running, hiking, cycling, kickboxing, rock climbing, and solo/team endurance races into his lifestyle. Yoga gives him quicker recovery times, improved performance and prolonged endurance.

"quicker recovery times, improved performance and prolonged endurance"


Yoga is a fantastic complement to boot camp, running, hiking, cycling, kickboxing, rock climbing, and endurance races. Unlike other activities that focus on the body’s outward exertion, yoga helps me focus inwardly on my body’s needs and limits by stretching depleted muscles while simultaneously strengthening others and enhancing range of motion. This form of movement, body awareness and breathing has given me quicker recovery times, improved performance and prolonged endurance.


The benefits of yoga are not just physical. Yoga is an excellent active meditation that reconnects me to my hyperactive mind and neglected emotions. The mental aspect of my yoga practice has taught me to live in and enjoy the present moment, which has introduced me to wonderful people and experiences I never imagined possible.


So whether you’re a driven athlete, overworked human, or determined soon-to-be-former couch potato, yoga can change your life like it did for me. Gen Yoga’s studio is a beautifully peaceful space to practice and the instructors are passionate about enhancing your yoga journey.

Meet Shannon

Shannon is a busy professional who prioritizes fitness. But when pain and injury threatened to end her athletic career, she tried yoga instead of injections. Her pain lessened, and her injuries have healed. Here's Shannon's story:

"every athlete should incorporate yoga into their training"


I've always been active. I played soccer and softball in high school and started regularly running and doing other high intensity workouts in college. Despite working 80+ hour weeks, I ran 3 marathons during my OBGyn residency. A busy OBGyn practice and starting a family consumed the 2000-2009 but I still ran and did high intensity workouts and weight lifting.


As I approached 40, I started taking running more seriously, qualified 5 times for the Boston marathon, and ran it 3 times. I then started triathlons, completing multiple half and full distance Ironmans and found success very quickly, winning or placing in almost every competition I did and even becoming nationally ranked as an age grouper.


However, the high impact and repetitive use has taken a toll on my body and over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been plagued with chronic back pain and recurrent injuries that sideline me for 6 weeks at a time and forced me to cut back on my training overall. In January of 2018 I ran the Houston marathon and qualified for Boston but had severe back and knee pain most of the race. A few weeks later, I started training for Boston but had sudden severe knee pain that made it impossible to run. I was diagnosed with arthritis and degeneration and offered injections and meds. It seemed that my running life was over so I started looking for something else to do.


It was only then that I came to Gen Yoga. I couldn’t run at all and my husband had recently started here, loved it and I wasn’t interested in injections.


I loved it! I found myself getting stronger and stronger and more and more flexible. As a bonus, I found that after yoga, I felt a deep calmness and a lightening, very similar to the “runner’s high,” that I loved so much. I didn’t even miss the high intensity workouts that had occupied most of my life.


Gradually, other pains and injuries disappeared or dissipated. I had a high hamstring tendonopathy for probably 15 years that caused daily pain and limited range of motion—it completely resolved. Back pain lessened. I had recurrent calf strains and tears and plantar fasciitis that would require 6-8 weeks of rest with each injury—that went away as well. I couldn’t believe it. Where had yoga been my entire life?


Only four or five months later, I was running again, completely pain free! Just months before, I didn’t think I would ever run again but yoga made this possible. With that being said, I still cannot run as much, as fast or as far as I used to run. However, with just yoga and only running 3 days a week, I finished the Houston half-marathon this January, just several minutes off my personal best (which was run years earlier when I was in prime shape) and went on to finish the Boston marathon in April.


Every athlete should incorporate yoga into their training and those that already do are at a competitive advantage. Yoga provides full body strength and flexibility; it teaches proper breathing and focus; it prevents overuse injuries and helps heal ones that are already there.

Meet Jessica

Jessica loves running and has even run the Boston Marathon! But when pain started to interfere not only with her training, but also in her daily life, she knew something had to change. That's when Jessica found Gen Yoga.

"yoga allowed me to keep running without pain"

I love to run! It's one my favorite ways to decompress and helps me maintain my sanity, but I'm also addicted to the endorphin surge I get from it. I ran the Boston Marathon in April of 2017 and then had 4 weeks to recover before running The Great Wall Marathon in China in May.
Unfortunately, I didn't allow my body to fully recover from Boston, so when I tried to train hard for the stairs portion of the Great Wall race, I found myself with my first real running injury at 40-yrs-old. My SI Joint (hips) were out of place which irritated the muscles in my glutes and hamstring and I felt pain from my lower back to my knee on my left side.
Running became painful instead of something that brought me joy. I tried to push through it, but then the pain carried into my daily activities. I realized something had to change. After physical therapy, Airrosti, massages, and acupuncture, I realized I didn't have much flexibility or strength, both of which benefit a runner's ability to stay in the game longer and perform at a higher level without getting injured.
I needed to give my body a chance to recover from my running injuries but wanted to stay active and I'm not the type of person that likes lifting weights at a gym. My running partner suggested trying yoga since we were both cutting back on miles. Runners are notoriously famous for never stretching and we thought yoga could help us recover and give us better range of motion. I had a misconception that yoga was for flexible people, which I was not, and that yoga wouldn't allow me that really hard workout feeling I love and get from running, so I was hesitant, but I tried it anyway.
I felt silly at first because my body was so tight, and I couldn't really move gracefully and I really just sucked at it. I simply didn't have much upper or lower body muscle tone so it was difficult to hold poses. But I stuck with it because after every class, I felt a bit more able to move without pain and I felt better in general. With the help of very fantastic instructors at Gen Yoga, I slowly developed the strength to move through the poses in correct alignment and felt my body getting stronger and stronger. The pain from my running injury started subsiding and eventually I built muscle while in proper alignment which allowed me to keep running without pain. My range of motion has improved not only my running ability but my upper body as well. I had some scar tissue from a surgery in my upper body which limited my range of motion in my chest and arms and slowly I felt that scar tissue loosening, and I now have much better range of motion in my upper body.
Although I initially went to yoga seeking physical benefits, I have come away with a clarity and focus that has rejuvenated my mental health in ways I wasn't expecting.  Yoga has been as healing for my anxious mind, as it has for my physical body. I have continued to go to Gen Yoga because I love the community there. I have made friends at Gen Yoga: people I enjoy getting to know and people who are invested in me. The staff and instructors are warm, inviting and make you feel comfortable trying new things, especially when you're just starting off. There are a wide variety of classes offered at all times of the day which makes it convenient. The facility is modern and clean and provides a great space to recharge. It feels like Gen Yoga provides a place to heal the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually, based on the energy from the staff, events and classes they offer.
Lauren is great at giving verbal cues so I can picture what muscles to target in each pose to prevent injury and improve strength. Her instruction was especially helpful for a me as I was learning yoga poses.
Gabriel's class is one of my favorites and I always leave feeling like I got a really hard workout. Not only does his class push you physically, but he has an infectious friendly vibe which radiates to everyone he interacts with. He has taught me how to flow from one pose to the next using breath and bring focus to my practice.
Camille's class helps with flexibility and I feel longer and leaner after every class. I love her visual descriptions and playful explanations on how to get the most out of each stretch and pose.
Cheryl teaches a tough pilates class where you achieve that muscles burn to help shape and change your muscles.  She's tough and will help you push your limits. She also encourages strength in community and creates a class environment where you want to get to know everyone.
Jess's restorative yoga is rejuvenating. Jess uses her soothing voice and a sound bath at the end of class which adds a depth and uniqueness to her class that I really enjoy.



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